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author image Simon Ritchie

We’re delighted to be back in Chicago today to meet Kate Vrijmoet of the excellent necessary and sufficient coffee.

We chat all things coffee x community, dream equipment to make dream coffees and get plenty of inspiration for a caffeine-fueled road trip around Asia and Europe.


Kate, tell us more about yourself and your journey in coffee

I am the CEO and founder of necessary and sufficient coffee® We are woman-owned, sustainably driven, and deeply committed to our local roots.

I opened a 230 sq ft cafe in Logan Square in 2019 to help activate the neighborhood and the community. As a take-out window business, customers line up to order their specialty coffee beverages. While waiting they meet one another and build community.

The cafe’s success in activating this Chicago neighborhood, encouraged 3 new, women-owned businesses to open on our block, further activating the neighborhood for the good of the community. The neighborhood is thriving and they have amenities that meet their needs.

On the tail of the LGNSQ cafe success, I opened our second location in Printers Row. The Printers Row location is also located interior to the neighborhood, with a window that opens, and high-quality partners. This location has indoor seating, hosts events, teaches classes, and more. Like LGNSQ, it’s a community gathering space.

necessary and sufficient coffee Kate

So necessary and sufficient coffee – what’s your place like?

necessary & sufficient coffee focuses on Community, Sustainability, and Craft. We are Oceanic Global Blue Action certified and partnered with the Shedd Aquarium in the Let’s Shedd Plastic Program. We offer sustainability discounts in-house too.

Most importantly we partner with high-quality, ethical partners like Olympia Roasting Company, and Ethereal Chocolate. We are currently the only hospitality business in Chicago that is Living Wage for US certified. Our vision is to connect community with coffee.

We hear you love making coffee tonic?

I love making the coffee tonic! Adding the espresso to the tonic is high drama as it billows and mixes with the tonic, and can be quite beautiful. We usually wait until a customer picks up the beverage to add the espresso so they can enjoy the show too.

necessary and sufficient coffee Logan Square, Chicago

What Is your home coffee setup like?

I have a Jura automatic espresso machine at home. It produces consistently high-quality beverages and is easy for my entire family to use. However, if money were no object, I would get a customized mini home Slayer! Sexy, sleek, maybe a deep blue-green with polished brass accents and a burled wood accent. Thanks for that question, now I’m salivating!

What other Chicago coffee shops are worth a visit beyond necessary and sufficient coffee?

I would go to Bru for the crepes and the ambiance, or to Four Letter Word for the coffee and ambiance, or to DayGlow for the quiet and extraordinary menu.

necessary and sufficient coffee outside

What’s the best coffee shop you’ve ever visited?

I think the answer to this is situational, filled with nuance of place and time. When I was just a wee babe in my early 20s I was roaming around LA with friends. At that time coffee shops were late-night places with soft, grungy couches perfect for hanging out after a concert. I have very rich memories with friends at that time in my life.

Which coffee shops worldwide are on your bucket list?

I’d love to explore South Korea’s and Australia’s coffee scenes! Also, the Netherlands and Germany!

necessary and sufficient coffee community

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our CoffeeOtter readers?

I’m proud to partner with the award-winning Olympia Coffee Roasting company for our beans, to be partnered with the SCA, and to be a leader in sustainability practices. I love curating our partners, and supporting local women-owned businesses!

Where can people find necessary and sufficient coffee Chicago?

We’re at 3624 W Wrightwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Thanks so much, Kate, we can’t wait to visit you at necessary and sufficient coffee again soon!

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