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Written By: author image Simon Ritchie
author image Simon Ritchie

Today on CoffeeOtter, we sit down with Josh Thies of Daily Press Coffee to chat all things caffeine-related, his love for his classic La Marzocco espresso machine, and what makes their place one of the best coffee shops and cafes in Brooklyn.


Josh, tell us more about yourself and your journey in coffee

I’m the owner of Daily Press Coffee, but I was also a staff member for 5 years here before taking on this position. I’ve worked in coffee shops since I was able to get a job at 14. I’ve always loved the environment, the smells, the people – there’s just something special about a good, comfortable coffee shop ambiance.

So Daily Press Coffee House and Bar – what’s your place like?

We’re located in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn – right off the AC Rockaway stop. The vision for Daily Press is to provide a space for people to gather and enjoy high-quality coffee, great food, and fun events. It’s that “Third Place” in people’s lives.

We get our coffee through the wonderful folks at Variety Coffee who source it directly from the farmers. What I love about Variety Coffee is they roast all their beans at a medium roast. With espresso, a lot of the time the beans are roasted quite dark, and it’s pretty impossible to discern or enjoy any particular flavors and aromas that should be coming from the espresso.

With a “slightly darker than medium” roast, you get to enjoy all of those things with the added bonus of more caffeine since it hasn’t been burned away by the roasting process.

Coffee is finicky. We use an ancient, completely manual La Marzocco espresso machine which I absolutely love. This machine (in tandem with our grinders) lets us make sure we’re shooting the finest espresso – no matter the environment.

The vibe at Daily Press Coffee is set by the staff. They choose the music, the lights, decor and set the tone for the day. We also host a plethora of live (and free) events daily such as Open Mic, Live Music, Jazz Nights, Poetry, Karaoke, Trivia, and Game Nights.

At 5 pm we open our bar for cocktail service, but still serve coffee late into the night. Think of those scenes you’ve seen in movies where New Yorkers are working late into the night on their new play – we’ve got that vibe!

Daily Press Coffee BK

How to make the perfect Cold Brew Coffee

One of my favorite coffees we make at Daily Press Coffee is cold brew and I also make it at home using this method.

All you need is a jar, some coarsely ground medium-roast coffee beans, a cheesecloth, and a paper filter.

Put the cheesecloth in the paper filter, put that in a jar, and rubber-band the top so you make a sort of pouch for your coffee. Add as much coffee as you’d like to the pouch, then, slowly pour cold water over the coffee mixing the grounds with a spoon to make sure everything gets saturated.

Put a lid on it and leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. Then strain. It’ll be quite concentrated, so make sure to cut it with water before adding anything extra.

What Is your home coffee setup like?

All I need is a French Press for hot coffee, and my jerry-rigged cold brew jar and I’m content. If I could have any sort of coffee equipment in my home – I’d want a small La Marzocco with a direct water line hookup. Don’t forget to filter your water people!

Daily Press Coffee cup

What other Brooklyn Coffee Shops are worth a visit beyond Daily Press Coffee?

Around Ocean Hill, I would check out a place called “September”. They have a lot of unique coffee drinks as well as great tea and food.

Where is the best coffee shop you’ve ever visited?

There is a place in St. Croix Falls Wisconsin called – if I remember correctly – The Coffee House.

It’s owned by a man named (I kid you not) John Koffee. It’s literally a 3 story home retrofitted to be a coffee shop. I spent an entire summer there while working in St. Croix Falls, and his coffee was excellent.

It’s simple, tasty, and made with the most love and care that I’ve ever seen. Don’t have the money to pay for coffee? John doesn’t mind. He’ll let you run up a tab – just make sure you pay it!

Daily Press Coffee special

Which coffee shops worldwide should be on every coffee fan’s bucket list?

If you’re ever in Athens, Greece then there is a coffee cart on Kalamaki Beach which serves some of the best espresso I’ve ever had. I have no idea how they make such a creamy and rich espresso – but it’s magic.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our CoffeeOtter readers?

Cherish your local baristas. Getting up at 5 am or earlier to open a shop and serve the masses that first cup of coffee for the day is no easy feat. If you’re one of those people who says “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my morning coffee” – make sure you tip your baristas.

Prioritize local shops. We’re all trying our best out here. Keep in mind that your local coffee spot is probably not looking to become some “premier and famous” establishment – they’re just trying to stay afloat.

Daily Press Coffee at night

Where can people find Daily Press Coffee Brooklyn?

Daily Press Coffee House and Bar is at 38 Somers St, Brooklyn, NY 11233

Thanks so much, Josh, we can’t wait to visit you at Daily Press Coffee again soon!

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