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Written By: author image Simon Ritchie
author image Simon Ritchie

Today the CoffeeOtter team is in LA to meet Matt Miner of Coffee for Sasquatch.

We chat about all things coffee x creativity, top tips to make excellent coffee at home, and a lot of love for some of the best coffee shops in Los Angeles and beyond.


Matt, tell us more about yourself and your journey in coffee

I’ve been the general manager of Coffee for Sasquatch for the last 7 months. I have been a journeyman in the industry bouncing around from Indiana to Colorado and now to Los Angeles.

It has been a progression of learning new techniques, methodologies, and generally just how expansive the world of coffee is. I got into the industry in college looking to work with my friends and little did I know how much it would draw me into a lifelong passion.

Coffee for Sasquatch Los Angeles Matt Miner

So Coffee for Sasquatch – what’s your place like?

We are based in West Hollywood and are here very purposefully, as we are surrounded by the world of creatives and passionate artists.

This means that we look to match the passion and artistry of our customers by providing a space to curate their creativity and expanding the experience with beautiful and high-quality drinks.

We hear you’re a big Chemex fan?

My favorite coffee-based drink to make at home is a Chemex. It’s the perfect sippable situation for me at home. As far as tips go, mine is a little controversial…

If you use a little pinch of salt in your coffee it will neutralize the most acidic of coffees. So if you have a coffee that you bought but it’s a little too much for your taste buds (or stomach) throw a *small* pinch of salt in there and see how much it helps!

What Is your dream home coffee setup like?

I am very much a simple coffee man at home. I pretty much only use my Chemex for brew coffee and I will occasionally use an Aeropress if I am looking for something more espresso-like. Both are very low-budget setups but still very capable of high-quality coffee.

But if money was no object I would have a Linea Mini in my house by tomorrow.

What other Los Angeles coffee shops are worth a visit beyond Coffee for Sasquatch?

Two of my favorite shops in the whole city happen to be my neighbors. Be Bright is one of the best shops in the whole city and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. The owner Frank just won the US barista championship and it shows in every cup.

Secondly, I would recommend File Systems of Coffee. Such quality stuff and an amazing atmosphere.

Coffee for Sasquatch Los Angeles Inside

What’s the best coffee shop you’ve ever visited?

Probably the best coffee shop I have ever been to is in the mountains of Colorado in Winter Park. It is called “The Perk” and it has some of the best coffee with some of the most amazing views I have ever seen. It is a small shop but still serves high-quality, small-batch roasts with incredible flavor combinations.

Which coffee shops worldwide are on your bucket list?

I don’t know if I have any specific coffee shop that tops my list but I would love to just wander Melbourne and pop into every single shop I see.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our CoffeeOtter readers?

I would love to talk about my training ground of coffee: Greyhouse Coffee Company in West Lafayette, Indiana. They are one of the most immaculately well-run shops I have ever been able to be a part of.

At Greyhouse Coffee Company, they do everything right from being a scratch shop and kitchen, to ensuring coffee training and a healthy work environment. They also have this incredible branch of their shop that is a bar that uses all of the same house-made syrups that they use for the coffee in cocktails and it is unlike any other shop I have ever been to or been a part of.

I was so spoiled by being a part of the family there and they created a class of people who found their passion in coffee because of the culture they created and the passion they showed. Greyhouse is the reason I have the passion I do today and I will never be able to thank them enough.

Where can people find Coffee for Sasquatch?

We’re at 7020 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Thanks so much, Matt, we can’t wait to visit you at Coffee for Sasquatch again soon!

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